Sunday, May 24, 2015
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JSP 763 - MOD Bullying and Harassment Complaints Procedures

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Joint Service Publication (JSP) 763 sets out the procedures for dealing with complaints relating to bullying and harassment. JSP 763 was updated in July 2013 and is now titled: "THE MOD BULLYING AND HARASSMENT COMPLAINTS PROCEDURES - A GUIDE FOR ALL MOD SERVICE AND CIVILIAN PERSONNEL ABOUT MAKING, RESPONDING TO, ADVISING ON, INVESTIGATING, AND DECIDING ON, COMPLAINTS OF BULLYING AND HARASSMENT."

Service complaints - also referred to as ‘formal complaints’ - and civilian grievance procedures are the framework for dealing with complaints from MOD Service or civilian personnel relating to their service or employment. These are covered in JSP831.

If a complaint is related to bullying or harassment, Armed Forces and civilian personnel are to use JSP 763. The procedures set out in this publication cover only complaints of bullying and harassment by MOD Service or civilian personnel against other MOD Service or civilian personnel but exclude complaints againsts MOD Police Officers.

JSP 763 is (C) Crown Copyright 1st July 2013.